About Us

Pacific Ground Engineering delivers a wide range of ground engineering services across western Canada.  We focus on providing cost-effective ground improvement solutions and specialize in ground anchors, micropiles, polymer grouting, and a wide variety of other geotechnical solutions and ground improvement techniques. 

Searching beyond traditional techniques to find cost effective solutions for our clients' unique and often challenging requirements is at the core of Pacific Ground Engineering's philosophy.  Our team combines local experience, technical expertise and construction savvy to provide answers to complex geotechnical challenges and ensure timely and cost-effective completion of every project.

Pacific Ground Engineering is a proud member of NorLand Limited, a diverse group of companies that service every aspect of the construction industry.  Together we have the bonding capability, experience, equipment and manpower to complete any project.

Pacific Ground Engineering was featured in an article by DFI which investigated the strength increases in polyurethane and acrylate treated soils. Click below to read the article and learn about PGE’s involvement!

DCP Investigation of strength increases in polyurethane and acrylate treated soils (PDF)